My works are not born from an idea but from improvisations, spontaneous encounters, mistakes and accidents along the way, this happens both with painting in the studio and on the street with photography. At the end looking at all the material I product I always find interesting connections to work on.


Luca Strav is an italian visual artist works with painting, drawing and photography.

Over the years he has built an eclectic body of work using different mediums and styles, inspired meanly by his daily life and travels that he undertakes.

Before dedicating himself to painting he studied advertising graphic design in Milan where he worked in 90’ as an underground cartoonist and illustrator under various names, collaborating with publishing houses and agencies.

Since 2002 he traveled and lived in many places especially in Spain, Italy and Germany where he created painting, drawing and photography projects dedicated to Art as a daily action, among the most important: “Noes, Artist for Rent” and “Crumpled Souvenirs from…”

Between 2013 and 2020 Luca Strav he takes a break from painting to work in Berlin as a photographer of contemporary dance related to improvisation, and as a street photographer, following his interest in unposed and motion pictures.

In 2020 he came back to paint fascinated by the spontaneous decay of billboards found in the streets after the covid lockdown. In his canvas signs of rupture and stratification prevail as a reflection of the constant changes he experiences.

Luca Strav currently lives in Milan, his works are part of public and private collection around Europe.