Luca Stravalaci expresses himself through drawing, painting and photography. 

He grew up in the underground comic scene in Milan, Italy,  where he worked for several years as a satirical cartoonist, graphic designer and illustrator before dedicating himself to painting. In that period he used various pseudonyms collaborating with different national and international publishing houses and agencies.

In the last twenty years Luca S. has lived between Spain, Germany and Italy where he exhibited his works in various exhibitions and where he created painting and photography projects, some of these dedicated to Art as a daily action, among the most important: “Noes, Artist for Rent”, “Wc-Art”, “Art Report”  and “Crumpled Souvenirs”.

He currently lives in Milan where he works on commission and on short and long-term personal projects. His works can be found in private and public collections in various places of Europe.



Exhibitions (selection)

2017  “Time Machine”. Solo Show. P5 Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014  “Spontaneous Composition. Solo Show. P5 Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2011  “Beautyfile. Solo Show. City Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

2008  “Junkbuilding”. Collective Show. Triennale Bovisa, Milan, Italy

2008  “Untitled ”. Solo Show. Sala ex Società Operaia, Volpedo, Italy

2008  “Crumpled”. Solo Show. Total Artspace Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2004  “From my windows”. Solo Show. Postcardcity / Borsa Caffè, Mantua, Italy

2004  “Non utopian diary”. Solo Show.  Free-Complete Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2003  “Use no use Recycle”. Collective Show. Franco Parenti Theater, Milan, Italy

2003  “Artist for Rent”. Solo Show. Anteo Cinema, Milan, Italy

2002  “Stratolin”. Solo Show. H.I.U.8, Milan, Italy

2001 “Godart”. Collective Show. Contemporary Art Museum, Città S.Angelo, Italy


Installations (selection)

2012    “PAC 180”, Basaglia Center, Livorno, Italy

2006    “Scary food”, ADN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2005    “The Microgallery”, Electric Café, Barcelona, Spain

2004    “Yes”, Public Art, Milan, Italy

2003    “The Living Chimney”, BAC 03, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain


Projects  (selection)

2018    Co-founder of International Collective “Fotogenik”, dedicated to document contemporary visual experiences. Madrid, Spain

2007/2009     “Crumpled”. Photographic installations about urban changes and mass tourism in cities, realized in Italy and Germany

2004/2007    “Wc-Art”. Murals painting and installations realized into public and private Toilets, realized in different places in Italy, Spain and Germany

2006/2007    “Art Report”. Reportajes documented through drawing and painting, realized in Swiss, Germany and Spain. Editorial project commissioned by RCS MediaGroup, published on Amica Magazine 

2004  Art Curator of collective show “Poble nou perceptions of an invasion”, exposition dedicated to the urban transformation of the Poblenou district.  C.C. Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain

2003/2004    “Artist for Rent”. Performance one year living without money, paying with drawings and paintings all the author need (house, food, transport etcc..) . Italy, Spain and France

2002/2003    Art Curator of collective show “Minihappening of Drawing” patrocined by Franca Rame and Dario Fo,  dedicated to the freedom of expression of children through workshops called “The School of Disorder”, realized in different places in Barcelona and Milan and exposed to Foresta delle Idee space, Milano, Italy


Press review

Stile Arte, D La Repubblica delle Donne, Next-Exit, Bagno Design, Arte,  Artandjobmagazine, Undo.net, La Tribuna, La Gazzetta di Mantova, Treviso Oggi, TV Mantova, La Piazza, Corriere della sera, The Guide, BTV Barcelona, Curator, 20 Minutos, Q-Fem – La Vanguardia  , El Periodico, Canalsolidario, Andorra TV, Actitudes, Berliner Woche, Lokal Post…