Luca Strav was born in Milan (Italy) where he worked in the 1990s as an underground cartoonist, illustrator and cover artist collaborating for publishing houses and advertising agencies, signing his works under the pseudonym Stratolin.

Since 2002 Luca Strav traveled and lived in many places, cities and villages especially in Spain, Italy and Germany where he created painting, drawing and photography projects dedicated to art as a daily action, among the most important: “Noes, artist for rent” and “Crumpled souvenirs from…”.

Over the years he has built an eclectic body of work using different mediums and styles, representing themes inspired by his daily life and travels that he undertakes.

His works are included in public and private collection especially around Europe.


Selected Exhibitions 

2024  “Open tracks”. Galerie P5, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2017  “Time machine”. Galerie P5, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2014  “Spontane verbindungen”. Galerie P5, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2011   “Beautyfile”. City Art Gallery, Milan, Italy (solo)

2008  “Junkbuilding”. Triennale Bovisa, Milan, Italy (group)

2008  “Untitled”. Sala ex Società Operaia, Volpedo, Italy (solo)

2008  “Crumpled”. Total Artspace Gallery, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2008  “Pop disaster”. Limited No Art Gallery, Milan, Italy (solo)

2004   “From my windows”. Postcardcity – Borsa Cafe, Mantua, Italy (solo)

2004   “Non-utopian diary”. Free-Complete Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (solo)

2004   “MAC”. C.C. Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain (group)

2003   “Use no use recycle”. Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan, Italy (group)

2003   “Artist for rent”. Spazio cinema Anteo, Milan, Italy (solo)

2002   “International happening underground ”. C.S.L., Milan, Italy (group)

2001    “Godart”. Contemporary Art Museum, Città S.Angelo, Italy (group)


Selected Installations 

2023   “Passportraits”. Invisible space, Milan, Italy (solo)

2019   “Huellas”. Urban Art – Malasaña, Madrid, Spain (solo)

2017   “The golden tend”. Ephemeral corner, Lisbon, Portugal (solo)

2015   “Alles gut”. Urban Art – Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2012   “PAC 180”. Centro Basaglia, Livorno, Italy (group)

2006   “Contact”. Sitart, Milan, Italy (group)

2006   “Scary food – Wc-Art”. ADN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (solo)

2007    “Wc-Art in Reuterkietz”. Quartiersmanagement, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2005   “The Microgallery”. Electric Cafe, Barcelona, Spain (solo)

2004   “In the toilet the count always adds up”. Borsa Cafe, Mantua, Italy (solo)

2004   “Rigiralarte”. Sitart, Milan, Italy (group)

2003   “Artist for rent”. Maninfesta, Volpedo, Italy (solo)

2003   “Taller oberts”. Caminal, Barcelona, Spain (group)

2003   “The living chimney”. BAC 03 – CCCB, Barcelona, Spain (solo)


Selected Projects and Curatorship 

2018                     “Fotogenik”. International photographic collective. Madrid, Spain

2007-2009         “Crumpled”. Photographic installations about urban changes and mass tourism in European cities. Italy, Germany.

2006-2007         “Art report”. Editorial painting and drawing project commissioned by Amica magazine. RCS MediaGroup, Milan, Italy

2004-2007         “Wc-Art”. Murals painting and installations realized into public and private toilets. Italy, Spain, Germany

2003 -2004        “Poble nou perceptions of an invasion”. Group show focused on the urban change of the Poblenou district. C.C. Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain

2003-2004         “Noes, artist for rent”. One-year performance dedicated to artistic barter and urban nomadism. Barcelona, Spain

2002-2003         “Minihappening of drawing”. Group show patrocined by Franca Rame and Dario Fo, Foresta delle Idee. Milan, Italy



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